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INTOCS is a “Young Researcher” project funded by the French National Research Agency (contract ANR-08-JCJC-0132-01) that is dedicated to the mathematical study of interactions of compressible waves.

The project gathers six researchers :

  • Jean-François Coulombel (coordinator, Nantes university) web page
  • Thomas Alazard (ENS Paris) web page
  • Christophe Chalons (Paris 7 university) web page
  • Olivier Guès (Aix-Marseille 1 university)
  • Pauline Lafitte (Ecole Centrale Paris) page web
  • Frédéric Lagoutière (Paris 11 university) page web

Scientific objectives

The main purpose of the project is to study the propagation of high frequency oscillations for hyperbolic boundary value problems (both in smooth and non-smooth domains) and to design numerical procedures that are adapted to the computation of such solutions. The main physical applications we are interested in arise in shock wave theory for reacting gases (formation of Mach stems) and in compressible vortex sheets theory (formation of kink modes).


Publications, preprints

The mathematics departments involved in the project :

  • the mathematics department of Lille web page
  • the mathematics department of Nantes web page
  • the mathematics department of Paris 6 and Paris 7 web page
  • the mathematics department of ENS Parisweb page
  • the mathematics department of Orsay web page
  • the mathematics department of Marseille web page
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